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Wanna link me?
Wanna link me?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mentaiko - itai ITAI itai 3

Oh darn, what is this shit? I expected pooooorn, what I got was some... serious mumbojumbowhatevergooutwithmeeeeee! But it did have some explicit scenes near the end, but mostly failed blowjobrape or whatever. Didn't really turn me on, but oh god the explicity of the dicks, IT'S SO GREAT! I just LOOOOOOVE IT! Mentaiko rules when it comes to dicks, but damn, I think his characters are pretty plain.

I might have given a wrong impression about this. This is the third chapter of Mentaiko's itai ITAI itai, and a part of me really likes that there is actually a explicit bara manga out there. I wonder how long this will go on. I hope a lot, since this might get interesting nonetheless.

Could it be, an actual bara manga with explicit sex scenes AND a story, and the story even might be a decent one?! Omg, maybe, yes, no, maybe. Let's go with maybe!

Can't wait for more~ Oh, and no download links, find the manga yourself! No, actually, buy it. BUY IT! BUUUUUUUY IIIIIIIT!

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